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Being engages in the most adventurous hobby of gold finding you will not be able to succeed without whites metal detectors. As the modern market offers a wide range of devices and additional equipment of different functionality and price you should consider all pros and cons of the device before making the final choice. However if it is your first metal detector it is strongly suggested to choose the simpler devices as they are easy to operate and handle. The maintenance of all the gold finding equipment is equally easy and simple as well.

But if you are one of these experienced treasure hunters you will surely estimate the innovative device able to shift your perception of gold detecting. The performed device I equipped with a full color high definition display tracking the operation and screening all the tuning. The unit provides a wide range of settings. The built in operating manual will guide you through all of them and together you will be able to tune the device up to your requirements. While possessing the device you can tune everything!

So let us sketchy run through the main settings you are expected to use when go treasure hunting! The device supports several languages you can choose of. Once set this option will last until the next change. Soil type select will help you to change between several types of the soils gaining the best performance of the device on the area! The metal detector shifts among three types of frequency you may choose for different ground depth screening! To catch the minute change in the sounding of the device you will get wireless headphones for comfortable performance. The phones provide different advantages of the device. First and most important is better hearing of the system sounds. The headphones proof you from strange noises of the environment providing you a total concentration on the matter. When learning the sounds of your new device you will better distinguish the difference in signals sounding.

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However if you are a newbie in the field of metal detectors gold you can use one of nine preset by the producer specialists programs considering different conditions of ground tracking and the aim of the search. You can choose from jewelry, relics, coins, deep silver, high-pro set and others which can be of great help on the start up of your adventurous career!

The metal detector gold performs three frequencies you can choose for tracking. The 22.5kHz will perfectly suit for gold search, 2.5kHz is the best frequency for silver hunting and 7.5kHz will perfectly suit your general use!
The device for detecting gold allows you to adjust some setting just in real time in the process of tracking the treasures. Among other comforts you will also get adjustable backlight providing up to twenty modes of lighting the screen, selectable ground filters and a rechargeable battery.

However you should note that all these functionality will not do without your persistence and skills. These all make the process of gold finding easier and more comfortable, but possessing such a device will not multiple your treasures.

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Whites metal detectors are the best if you are looking for ergonomic and multifunctional device with best adjustments you will make the right choice. To buy the metal detector you should not take pains by looking in each store however you can order it online as it is preferable. The online order enable you to learn the reviews of the experienced customers, consider all pros and cons and safe some costs. The online stores offer a wide choice of necessary accessories for the device. What is more you can meet new friends being engaged in the same hobby sharing their experience with you!


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